Tuesday, October 11, 2016

September 29th, 2016 Update

Ok so I knew there might be a few people missing me but this?...

Aaaaaad they're legit all buddy requests -.- 
I'm kidding it's ok guys XD

Also I very briefly checked out the update and legit it was just a phantom pet once again available in the Diamond Shop of Terribleness 
Why do we still play this game *laughs* *cries*

May as well cover it though y'know I mean why not

You know what would be a much better idea? To get everyone hyped? Maybe an AJHQ gift for all jammers and it's the phantom pet? Yeah?

No change from last year

OK IM DEFINITELY CHECKING OUT THIS 2D ADVENTURE GAME WHEN MY INTERNET STOPS HATING AJ SO MUCH jam a gram me if you wanna play with me!!! I'll try to make time for it 

*evil wolf voice*: yeeeeessss my bunny frend, join me in squashing the deadly red back spiders for fun, resulting in almost certain death if the poison touches you, oh what a joy

Ok but am I the only one who's going to name a pet Kawaii Quicksilver? If you know who Quicksilver is, I respect you man 

Again nothing new, but I just wanted to point out that where I love idk if this is everywhere, it is Mental Health week this week and I just wanted to say that no matter what you are going through, there is always a way to make yourself feel better or someone you can talk to. You are loved and please don't think that no one will be able to relate to what you are going through because it's not true. Love yourselves and stay rad y'all ily <3 <3 <3 <3

I didn't post the ads because I honestly can't be bothered. Yes AJ. We know about the membership cards. Literally everyone knows about the membership cards. 

That is all from me so I'll ttyl!!! 

IM REALLY SORRY, PART 9834589459023905

SO I came back today bc ever since I started not posting AGAIN I have felt rlly guilty right and I finally came across this photo on my laptop 

And decided to come back...

So here I am once again, still trying to catch the people I owe prizes to oops
And I'll be trying to update myself on the "New and improved AJ" PLUS yeah then I'll hopefully be updating you again 

An update from me: the people that own the house we are renting want to move back in and are giving us until November 30th to move out

School ends in that week...

Welp, let's hope I don't die

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Repost of Paw Rug Post

     It's not really a full repost, but here's the link to it


The comments on this one are getting pretty popular, and since I know nothing about trading and worth, I thought you could help each other out! Go on and comment on that post if you know anything about Paw Rugs and trading. 

Thanks guys!


I know I should be posting more AJ stuff, but after a while it takes a long time to get back into it. I've missed so much! But I want to tell you what happened on Saturday

I was playing soccer with some friends and was trying to get the ball of someone, when I rammed into them. Unfortunately, I bounced off and landed hard on my wrist. It really hurt!!! I thought it was just a sprain so I didn't think much of it at the time. But eventually I found out that it was a fracture, and if I had landed any harder or bumped it at school, it would have broken completely!

I have so much assessment on and now is really not the time to have a fracture!!! I have a saxophone to play!!!!!

(Please ignore the array of cords under my dest)
Ah well, these things happen I guess huh
I won't be on much this week, because my bestie is coming up to stay a few days! But I want to get back into posting again. I've just been busy that's all, I hope you understand! 

Be safe my duckies!!!